Why Healthy Morning Habits Are Important

If you are not a morning person then now is the time to revisit your routine, especially as it can have a significant impact on your life as a whole!

Feeling groggy in the morning, not getting enough sleep, and skipping breakfast are all poor habits that many of us would happily avoid. However, did you know that poor morning habits not only leave you feeling rushed and unprepared but they can also have a significant impact on the way you face life? Read on to find out more about the importance of morning habits and what they can do for your life.
Why Are Morning Habits Important?
When you get up in the morning you have the whole day in front of you, with endless possibilities. Facing that when you feel energised and nourished will only work in your favour because you are able to see the opportunities and seize them!

However, many of us try to pile too much in and end up exhausted so that when we get up in the morning all we feel is dread and panic. Facing the day with these two feelings only means that you will end up avoiding opportunities and only seeing the negatives rather than having a balanced view.
What Morning Habits Should I Be Implementing?
Being busy is not an excuse when it comes to setting healthy habits – in fact, if you try to introduce one or two of the habits that we have shared below then you can look forward to feeling better, seeing the world more positively and achieving the best results for you and your loved one!

Don’t Snooze Your Alarm
When your alarm goes off in the morning it can be tempting to hit the snooze button and stay in bed a little bit longer but this can be harming your wellbeing more than it helps. By getting up as soon as your alarm goes off you are essentially forming a waking habit that will help you get up every day of the week. As this habit forms you will notice that your body feels more ready to wake each day.
Stretch To Release Tension
Once you are awake, take some time to stretch out your legs and back before you even pull the duvet back! Stretching helps you to release any tension that you have built up during your sleep and gives you time to wake every part of your body before you start your day. When you stretch, check in with yourself and focus on each part of your body in turn, recognising how you are feeling and accepting it.
Morning Meditation
By adding meditation time into your day you are giving your mind time to relax and focus on the day ahead. We all need time to process our thoughts and feelings and if you get this done before the rest of the day kicks in then you will be able to focus on what you need to rather than letting brain clutter stop you from being effective.
Take a Cold Shower
Once you are up and about, taking a cold shower is a great way to wash away any remaining tiredness that you may be feeling. Cold water helps to shock the system into action and will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated as the day goes on. Don’t worry, you can turn the heat up once you’ve enjoyed the initial burst of cold!
Hydrate Your Body
When you wake up your body will be depleted of food and water because you won’t have had anything to eat or drink while you have been asleep. Taking some sips of fresh water will help hydrate you and get your system working the way it needs to. Adding some lemon into your water is a great way to give your mouth a zing so that you feel boosted and ready to go.
Eat Your Breakfast
Eating breakfast not only sets you up for the day and helps you stay awake until lunchtime but it also kick starts your metabolism. However, it’s important to make a healthy choice for breakfast as you will need it to keep your energy levels up until lunch time. Slow release carbs like porridge oats and healthy cereals are a great choice coupled with fruit smoothies.

No matter what your day ahead holds, it is important to prepare for it mentally and physically so that you can achieve the best results and feel great when doing it. If you struggle with morning routines and healthy habits then don’t panic, take each step one at a time and only introduce a new habit when you have the first one firmly in place. Making the effort to improve your morning rituals will result in a happier and more successful life – now is the time to make a change!

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