Why Finding the Right Coach or Mentor is Important

If you have decided that you want to access the support and services of a coach or mentor, then you have made a great decision. Accessing this proactive support will not only improve your life but help you focus your energies in the right places when it matters the most. However, choosing the right coach or mentor is essential if you want to get the most from your newfound support. To help, we have come up with some hints and tips so that you can get it right and improve your life.

Before Starting Your Search
If you are considering enlisting the support of a coach or mentor, then you need to be aware that these services cost a fee and that any quality professional will have a clear pricing policy that you can ask for before committing to anything. However, if you are unwilling to pay for these services, then you may not be ready to start coaching.

Your commitment to coaching is not just shown through your financial commitment; you also need to consider if you have the time needed to cover the programme with the professional you choose and enough time to do the tasks that are agreed upon in each session. Taking the time to work out if you are committed to this will help you assess if you are ready for support.
Think About the Delivery That Suits You
Coaching can be delivered in-person, via email, on a video call, telephone or as a variety of these options. You need to work out which type works best for your needs and your budget. Many people opt for video coaching these days because it can be accessed from a variety of locations and is often the most budget-friendly choice.

In reality, the delivery that works for you is the one you need to choose so take your budget and personal preferences into consideration when choosing the right coach for you.
Consider Your Needs
Coaching can be used for a huge number of reasons, and it is vital that you are clear on what you want to achieve before you start to work with someone. The best coaching relationships are focused on one or two goals that are a priority in your life rather than discussing everything and trying to find a way through.

It is best to have a good idea of your coaching priorities before you start and then when they have been achieved or resolved, you can reassess and decide if you want to continue with the coaching relationship or if your feel ready to go it alone.
Find Out About Qualifications and Experience
When you find a coach that you like the sound of then take a moment to check what qualifications and experience, they have that makes them suitable to support you. Anyone can call themselves a coach and this can leave you vulnerable to poor support if you don’t do your research first.

While not all coaches need to have a specific coaching qualification, you will want to find someone that has experience in supporting others to achieve their goals. Don’t ever be afraid to ask about their experience – a coach that avoids answering should be avoided at all costs!
Finding the Right Structure and Length
When you are ready to move forward with coaching, then your next important step is to find a coach that uses a structure that works for you and offers the right number of sessions to cover everything you need to work on. The good news is that most coaches are able to adapt what they offer to suit your needs and timescales, so you just need to know what you want before agreeing to anything specific.

If you ever feel that what you want to achieve is not possible when compared to your available time or budget then think about breaking down your goals into manageable chunks so that you can achieve success and move forward in the timescale that works for you.
Check our References and Testimonials
Another great way to check that your potential coach is as good as they seem is to ask for references or check out their reviews online. While you can’t expect in-depth or detailed references, many coaches will have some information that they can share to help support your decision-making process.

Be warned though – if you find reviews online, make sure they are verified as otherwise, you may be reading something that does not actually link to the person you are working with!
Arrange Your First Session Today!

Now you have a clear idea of how to find the best coach; then it is time to arrange your first session. Many coaches offer a free getting to know your session that is shorter than their average appointment. This time is used to see if you have that connection you are looking for from a coach and will enable you to get a feel for coaching without spending lots of cash.

Arrange your first session today and start working on your goals – it is a lifechanging experience that is sure to get you ready to enjoy success!

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