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I got to meet Anoop Watts through social media, and I feel fortunate! He made me crave more personal fulfilment, and look forward to watching his mentoring videos on how to manage and grow my life, relations, career... he knows how to boost my inspiration to... realisation.

- Lynn Traboulsi, International Influencer

To say Anoop is a ray of sunshine is a total understatement! My family and I love him so much and watch his videos all the time. My 5 year old son is obsessed with Anoop's Sonic Boom videos! Anoop even made one specially for him! He is full of energy, love, and positivity. So grateful for Anoop and his lives. We love him so much!

- Negim Jazz, USA

Anoop’s coaching style is unique, he is very personable, he sees what the individual needs and then tailors his coaching according to the person. It’s a unique type of coaching that only a few can master the art of.

Anoop has it down to a T and many magical things happen when Anoop does his coaching, the individual sees the results straight away! I have experienced and witnessed this in my own life whilst he was coaching me.

Ravina Prashar, London

Thank you so much for offering such an outstanding service to individuals and business owners. You're amazing at what you do and I deeply value the time we've spent talking about ways to grow my business and network.

You are such a positive person and can make anyone achieve their goals. Thank you for giving us all courage to push forward during these extra trying times

- Melanie Sara - Founder of Caprice Handbags

I thank God for putting you in my path. I want to let you know how much I appreciate you and everything you do .When I thought I couldn’t reach my goals, I watch your live ,story or read post that will give me so much positive energy tips , motivation and kept me going. .

I am so lucky and blessed to have a coach who inspires me every day to be better than the day before. Thank you for bringing out the best in me. You've influenced my life for the better. . It’s a blessing to have such a fantastic and energetic role model like you in my life. .

- Anna Hajduczyk, USA

Anoop is a surge of positive energy. Great contents, insightful advices and inspirational step by step guides and tips for business and other stuffs. It helped me reinforce my determination to take my goals to the next level.

- Wahiba Rekkab, France

My man Anoop Watts always shares with us what we need to hear to grow mentally and spiritually even when it’s tough. One of the best personal growth coaches I’ve ever come across.

Tyler Gallant - Hollywood Actor

We’re living in the fast lane and most of us rarely have time for brain food. That’s where Anoop comes in. I love his daily dose of much needed vitamins for our mind and soul

- Jinan Khoury, TV Presenter

I had the honour of interviewing Anoop Watts on Instagram live for my talk show ‘Leslie Show’ it was definitely one of the most memorable conversations I have had, as I learnt a lot from Anoop. I was super happy the viewers on my live show were also delighted to learn the life lessons shared by Anoop and they were actively participating in the conversations.

Even when I scroll down Anoop Watts Instagram page I always leave his page as a wiser person after indulging in soul stirring conversations we are bent on having with his posts inviting a soulful conversation. it’s amazing how he always loves to help everyone learn and better their life pushing us to b best version of ourselves . Looking forward to another interview session regarding his book

Leslie Tripathy - Bollywood Actress & TV Presenter

Champaneri Cars provide Airport Transfers and Wedding Car Hire. We have driven Mr Watts for a number of years. He has supported the business through tough times and help with great advice.

I look forward to drive him when his booking comes in- he provides great knowledge, wisdom and experience through his journey in life. As always thank you for the business.

- Champaneri Cars ltd - Leicester, UK

Anoop is a warm, energetic & powerfully positive soul who never disappoints his friends & followers with his enthusiasm & vibe. His wonderfully insightful posts, quotes and videos make him super fun & still manages to get his message across in the simplest way. When you need a boost of energy & positivity he wraps it up in a package full of boisterous energy. Always smiling, ever helpful & gifted in his field. I have personally had such kind words of wisdom & a pick me up when my mood is sometimes low. Thank you for being You! Keep spreading your positivity & warmth, it keeps us motivated. A genuine soul who lives up to his true calling

- Suraksha Maharaj, South Africa

“Anoop is a light shining bright in a crazy and chaotic world. He gives great counsel when needed and is always willing to listen.

He has the experience, education, and life knowledge to back up the advice he gives. I consider him a trusted advisor and friend!”

- Amanda Bow - USA

I first saw Anoop many months ago. I was blown away by by his Sonic lives. I enjoyed listening and learning about his specific way of teaching positive mindset thoughts.

I Started watching everything about him. He’s very inspiring, a wonderful positive person, he has the most amazing guest, I love Dr Reem. He’s very on point with his opinions. Just an awesome, motivational man.

Thank you Anoop for all you have given back to me,
- Ange Pope, South USA

Anoop Watts is a man with a mission. He knows how to uplift, inspire and motivate people with his positivity and that’s why I’m following him

- GR Nelson - The Netherlands

Anoop watts was my high school teacher, that inspired me from the first day of teaching me. He inspired me to not be afraid to try new things and to experience the world. He gave me the fantastic opportunity to go to India and Dubai for an exchange student project.

He always had my best interests at heart and would go above and beyond to ensure I always had a smile on my face..

Nikitta Thaker - Former Student

Anoop is upbeat, professional, generous and has your best interests at heart.

His positivity and kindness work great together to problem solve and get you closer to your goals.

You can tell he is enthusiastic and dedicated with the work that he does, which is so important.

- Alanna M- Student

Anoop is positive, personable, and professional. One of my fav personalities on IG!

- Ranna Royce - International Influencer

The way in which Anoop Watts and I met was synchronistic and SO meant to be! Over the short period of time that we have already gotten to know each other, I deeply value his leadership and mentoring. It became evident very quickly that his primary mission is to serve and empower other’s to step into their authentic power in well-meaning ways.

He makes you feel as if you have been friends for a long time. Some of the tools and methods he teaches has helped me to step outside of my comfort zone and grow my business as an entrepreneur to new levels. Anoop is someone I will always keep a close connection with as both a dear friend and mentor.

- Jenn A, USA

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