Reasons to Have a Plan for Your Future

Taking the time to plan out your future can seem onerous, stressful and even impossible, leaving you to forge ahead with minimal direction. If you feel uncertain about the next five, ten or more years, then it’s time to stop and consider what you want to achieve. These plans may not work out the way you thought, but they will give you the path you need to take. Check out some of the biggest reasons why you should start planning right now and start getting your life where you want it to be!

Get Your Priorities Straight
The first step in any successful planning process is to get your priorities in order. These are the things that are important to your life and that gives it meaning and value. Understanding what these are and planning your life around them will allow you to prioritise what is important rather than finding yourself in a vicious cycle of work and emptiness.

For example, if you have a partner, then taking the time to work out your common goals and when you want to achieve them will give your relationship purpose and help to strengthen the bonds you have. Or, taking the time to arrange plans with friends will help you to maintain healthy, long-lasting relationships that will benefit your life for years to come.
Find Your Purpose
We all have to have something that gives us purpose in life, and taking the time to work out what it is, is essential to your happiness. However, once you have found your purpose, you will need to plan it effectively to be in with the chance of success.

Many people focus everything on the end goal and feel hugely disheartened when their desire doesn’t come true. Whereas, those people that take the time to plan and follow it can enjoy each success as they achieve it until they finally reach their goal. No matter what your goal may be, if you have the right attitude and a willingness to work, then you can achieve anything you want!
Get Some Motivation
If you wake up each morning and struggle to get out of bed, it is probably because you lack motivation. The biggest motivation drain is having no plans to work towards, making life feel pointless and negative.

By setting goals and making plans, you will feel more motivated than ever before and will find that working hard and reaching for success is more enjoyable than ever! It’s true that planning and mapping out goals does not guarantee your success, but many people find that when they feel motivated, they are better able to deal with setbacks and can work to refine their plans as they
Feel Satisfied With Life
When you take the time to plan your life and map the goals you want to achieve, you are giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy success each time you complete one. These successes build your confidence and will provide you with a sense of satisfaction that leaves you feeling great.

Even if you were lucky enough to hit your goal without planning, the likelihood is that you will only get a limited sense of satisfaction because you will question whether you actually deserved it or not. By taking your overarching goal and breaking it down, you will be able to see the journey you have been on and feel pride and satisfaction in every step you have taken.
Make Decisions Easier Than Before
If you struggle with making decisions, then you probably don’t have a plan. Finding the right direction is impossible without a map, and that is the same for life; if you have a life map, then you will find it easier to make decisions when you hit a fork in the road.

Each decision you make needs to support the goal you are working towards, and when you have planned effectively, you will know which choice will support those plans better. This does not mean that some decisions will not be hard, but it does mean that you will have a clear reason for them and will be able to look back and know that you put your goals first even when it was difficult.
Enjoy Some Control
If you do not have a plan or set of life goals, then you will probably feel a sense of helplessness and lack of control. These feelings are not just damaging to your mental health but will stop you from becoming the person that you were meant to be.

We all have to accept that whilst we cannot control or manipulate the way others behave or respond, we are absolutely ablet control the way we behave and respond and this links directly into planning for your future. By creating goals and a plan, you will be able to take control of your life and feel like you are running the show, rather than it happening to you. This sense of control will not only give you peace of mind but help you when times get tough.
Achieve Success
Ultimately, any plan or goal setting activity is done with success in mind, and this applies to your life goals and plans too. Defining who you are and what you want will enable you to enjoy the moments of success that you are keen to achieve.

Interestingly, when you plan, you are able to enjoy each success as it happens, rather than looking back in later life and realising how much you achieved and failed to notice. Success is not the end goal, it is the result of careful planning and execution, and by taking the time to work out what you want, you will be able to start seeing the successes you make happen for yourself.
Need Some Help?
If you are keen to start planning and recognise the benefits but find it hard to get started, then you are not on your own! Many of us know the positives that come with planning and preparation but just can’t seem to do it. Rather than giving up, why not consider working with a coach to help?

Coaching is a partnership and will ensure that you feel able to take on the big things with a safety net to fall back on. Anoop has worked with a range of people during his career and understands the barriers you are facing. He won’t tell you what to do, but his guidance, support and accountability will help you to achieve the plan that works for you. Call Anoop today and get your first session arranged.

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