E-Books: Engage in Changes & 30 AW momentum challenge


As you are aware, Anoop is currently working on and compiling his book, ‘The Cohesion Stamp’ which weighs in at a whopping 900 pages and continues to be a work in progress to deliver the best tools and information to help people become a CEO of their own life.

In the meantime, Anoop has created two E-Books (inc a 30 Momentum Challenge) at extremely good value which you may purchase here.

Engage in Change

Within this book, Anoop breaks down some key information with actionable steps that we can all take to start developing momentum in the right direction, “Man can move mountains beginning with the first stone after all!” With a particular focus on current times, this book shares how historical figures such as Winston Churchill, JFK & Marcus Aurelius have used times of uncertainty and crisis to their advantage. Engage in Change also shares extensive ideas and tips on how to:

  • Develop a Positive Mindset
  • Motivation and Inspiration Ideas
  • Developing Heathy Morning Habits
  • Diet and Nutrition Tips

30 Day Momentum Challenge

This superb challenge has been created to help you develop habits that are paramount to your growth both on a physical and mental level. Anoop believes that the biggest struggle is getting started, yet once we do get started; momentum is gained, you create an ability to thrive to the next level.

During this challenge, Anoop uses his Cohesion Stamp segments which he identifies as key to balance and harmony to gradually and gently encourage you to adopt in your life. The six key areas with the Cohesion Stamp are:

  • Relationships
  • Health & Diet
  • Serving & Giving
  • Ambition & Career
  • Mind & Spirit
  • Finances

This challenge presents a simple, gentle and powerful beginners approach to personal and professional development.


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