About the course: 

This course is designed to be done before or near to going to bed. It is a mixture of Gravity yoga, stretch and gentle strength, a little challenge to release the stress of the day followed by relaxation to help you to switch off with the aim to encourage a better night’s sleep. 

Course content: 

-Establishing 4:8 nose to mouth breathing that aims to stimulate the nervous system to allow us to relax as much as possible

-18 Gravity yoga poses plus extra transition poses & stretches

– 6 20-30minute follow along tutorials 

-A pose chart & template to create your own yoga/stretch routine once you have completed the course 


Suitable for all levels. 

Variations of exercises are shown and or explained throughout the course. 

If you can’t find a suitable variation of an exercise please contact us for advice.

Recommended equipment: 

– Relaxing music

– Exercise mat

– 2x yoga blocks

Getting the most out of this course:

If your aim is a better nights sleep:

– Follow this video daily for 6 days 

-Use the pose chart & create your own evening routine based on the poses you enjoy most and make you feel most relaxed

If your aim is to make mobility/flexibility gains:

-Follow this video daily for 6 days

-Rest for a day, then repeat

-Do this for 4 weeks and you will notice a significant increase in your mobility/flexibility


Listen to your body, yoga is not a goal it is a practise. 

Please consult your GP or Health Care Professional before exercising if you have had any injuries or do have any current healthcare problems.

Abbi Thompson is not responsible for any injuries that may be caused as a result of practising this course of videos. 


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