How Reading Books is Beneficial to Our Growth

We all know that helping kids learn to read is an essential part of developing their skills and furthering their education, but what about adults? So many of us give up on reading because we are too busy, too tired or too focused on work but reintroducing this habit into your daily life could have benefits that you had never imagined! Take a look at some of the main reasons why reading is beneficial to your growth, and then pick up a book and get stuck in!

Reading Improves Your Memory & Concentration
Reading a book requires you to be able to recall key facts about the information you have read in order to understand and continue with your literary journey. This information could be focused on characters, plots, previous instalments, key facts and much more.

The skills you need to do this not only help you enjoy the book more but will give you memory and concentration a genuine boost, making you far more productive and far less forgetful in your everyday life. Each memory you create not only creates new synapses in your brain but helps to strengthen others – effectively growing your brain each time you turn the page!
Reading Increases Your Vocabulary & Reduces the Impact of Age-Related Decline
This may be an obvious one, but reading has a big impact on your vocabulary and will help you to continually improve the word choices you have. Lifelong learning not only keeps you up to date with the world but also helps to reduce cognitive decline as you get older.

The great thing about reading is that you can start the habit no matter what age you are and still enjoy the benefits! In reality, reading may not stop the onset of Alzheimer’s, but it will help your brain to work better for longer.
Reading Enables You to Empathise More
If you struggle with being empathetic to the lives of others, then reading fiction may be the solution you’ve been looking for! Accordingly to a number of studies, the more fiction you read that gives you insight into the way other people live, the more capable you become at understanding others.

The information you learn from reading will help you to develop the skills you need to navigate your relationships and enable you to see the perspective of others more easily. Plus, you’ll have a great reason to pick up that novel you’ve been dying to read!
Reading Prepares You for Bed
Picking up a book for an hour before bed is scientifically proved to help you drift off to sleep. This is because you are in a state of relaxation, and the paper does not stimulate your brain in the same way a screen will, helping you to prepare for bed.

Whilst reading anything is preferred to watching tv, it may be best if you avoid anything that demands you to focus or that may cause you stress like work documentation. Instead, pick up a novel or self-help book that will give you food for thought and relax you.
Reading Reduces Stress
Many people don’t have time to take on more activities or feel that they are too stressed to cope with something new. If life has you feeling overwhelmed and you are struggling with stress, then reading may be the best solution.

Did you know that taking thirty minutes to read each day can help to reduce your blood pressure, your heart rate and give you the space you need to take time out from the things that are causing you stress? When you take these factors into account, then picking up a book is an obvious choice.
Reading Enhances Your Knowledge
Education doesn’t stop when you leave school, and reading is a great way of continuing your development when you no longer have a teacher around to work with. Fiction and non-fiction are great choices, and you can even take the time to source books that are tailored to your specific interests.

By reading on a regular basis, you are helping your brain to forge strong connections between information and knowledge, growing your mind and developing your understanding of the world, all while you relax and enjoy!
Reading is Entertaining
Did you know that more than half of the UK’s adult population own more than one media device? Mobile phones, tablets, video consoles and televisions all consume our lives on a daily basis and provide us with entertainment. However, staring at a screen continuously is not only bad for your physical health, but it stifles your own imagination from developing.

Why not put the remote down and pick up a book instead? Reading is highly entertaining and allows you to take your mind to a different place by imagining what the characters look like as the story unfolds. Plus, if you love screens that much, you can always read an e-reader rather than a book!
Reading Reduces Symptoms of Depression
It is no shock to learn that people who are experiencing feelings of depression often feel isolated and alone and see no way to change things. Reading offers an opportunity to escape from the way you are feeling and gives you something else to focus on whenever you need an escape.

From fiction to self-help, there are many different types of books to choose from. Interestingly, the NHS recognises the impact of reading on improving mental health and offers a book prescription service to help people learn to live with their condition.
But What Should I Read?

The great news is that reading anything at all will help you to reap the rewards listed above, so dive in right away. However, if you are looking to find a book that is meaningful to your personal growth, then why not let Anoop help you out with a recommendation. Get in touch today to start your journey to success, and let Anoop help you find the books that can change your life!

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