How People In History Have Made Success During Crisis

Finding ways to cope in a crisis can be hard, but we’ve taken some inspiration from history’s famous successes to give you a helping hand.

Throughout history, people have learned how to cope with crisis and with the COVID pandemic changing life as we know it, many of us have had to adapt and change. Unfortunately, coping in a crisis is not as simple as we would want, and we are often left with feelings of inadequacy when we can’t just shake something off and move forward.

Finding ways to handle a crisis can be hard, especially if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid any major issues in life so far. To help you build up a toolkit of great coping strategies, we decided to look to some of the most iconic figures in history and find out how they managed to handle themselves when dealing with a crisis. Check them out below.
Marcus Aurelius
Let’s go back to Roman times to when Marcus Aurelius had to lead during the Antonine Plague. Much like recent times, he had to navigate an illness that was highly contagious and resulted in many deaths. He is considered to have been one of the great Roman leaders, and he used writing as a way to share how he felt so that he could then put his focus on governing his people.

When we look at his reign, we can see that not only was he highly successful but that he was also contemplative, focused and unwavering in the face of crisis. These skills are as relevant today as they were then we can learn much from his commitment to writing and analysing everything.
Franklin Roosevelt
This American president was thrust into crisis as he took power during the Great Depression. He famously said that ‘the only thing we have to fear is fear itself’ and promptly got to work on pulling the nation together to find a way through the crisis it was facing.

His ability to get people working together helped America recover and go on to thrive. We can learn a lot from this approach – by surrounding ourselves with people that we love and trust, we can face anything and should never let feelings of negativity take over and spoil the life we want to lead.
Winston Churchill
Famous for pulling the UK through the Second World War, it was Churchill’s rhetoric that kept the country fighting for freedom. He was a fantastic orator and a skilled politician and managed to get the country mobilised in a way that any other leader would not have been able to.

His skill was positive talk that resonated with people and encouraged them to act. We can learn so much from his approach when dealing with a crisis in our own lives because positive self-talk will help us to be resilient and proactive rather than caving in and giving up on ourselves.
John F. Kennedy
JFK is famous for the way that he handled the Cuban Missile Crisis, avoiding all-out war between two nations. His ability to learn and use his education on the event meant that he was able to diversify his actions and ultimately come up with a plan that stopped the crisis ever coming to a head.

JFK was passionate about the power of experimentation and education, and these are two areas that all humans should strive to use too. By looking for new ways of doing things and broadening your mind, you will be more positive and feel more able to handle anything that life throws at you.
The Unsung Heroes
It’s not just famous people that have handled crises well over the years, and many unsung heroes have also developed the skills to face crisis and overcome it. From emergency responders to social workers and health care workers to educators, there are many great real-life examples for us to consider.

What all these people have in common is the ability to face a problem head-on and find a solution even when they are in a state of complete panic. Some of the skills they exhibit include being able to talk to people in a way that encourages, being able to prioritise needs so that the most important things are dealt with first, not being afraid to face their fears, putting the needs of others first and many more!
How You Can Learn From These People
If you are concerned that you are not able to cope in a crisis, then take a moment to reflect on the skills each of these people used and work out if you can try to implement the ones that will work the best for you.

If you need some help recognising your own coping abilities, then maybe now is a good time to work with a coach? You can focus on the skills you are keen to learn and work together to develop them and put them into practice. In no time at all you will be facing life with positivity and confidence, we are sure!
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