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"i'm a man on a mission to help you create the life of your dreams!

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We have all had times in our lives that didn’t go to plan or left us feeling uninspired and unsuccessful. When you hit those moments, it can be hard to come back and even when you do get up and go, you may find that you are more cautious than you once were. If you want some help facing life head-on, without fear, then life coaching may be the perfect solution! The great news is that every human being has a tremendous amount of potential, but we all need someone that can help us to see it and embrace it. Some of the world’s most successful people utilise the skills that coaches bring as they are unbiased and will be honest about the areas you need to work on.
AW Manifest is different from other coaches as the man behind the business is Anoop Watts, who has developed The Cohesion Stamp to help you get clarity in all aspects of your life. Anoop has enjoyed a varied life and can draw of huge experience when working with you to achieve success. His lived experience converts into wise advice and knowledge that will help you move forwards, and he will never lie to you about what needs to be done for you to achieve success.

“Your worst day is someone else's dream in the world”

Business Start- Up: New clients in the past 8 months
Social Media Marketing & Branding: New clients in the past 8 months
personal Growth Mentoring: New clients in the past 8 months
Mindset Training: New clients in the past 8 months Training

When it comes to improving your life, you are the master of your journey. To help you get motivated, we have curated a range of courses that you can sign up for and use to help you get fitter, more inspired and ready to face the challenges of everyday life.

Business Coaching

If you need help defining your career goals and working out your career aspirations then Business Coaching with Anoop could work well for you.

Life Coaching

Life can be hard to navigate and sometimes you may need a bit of extra support and guidance when making new plans. Let Anoop help you to work through these issues today.

Business Support Services

If you have a business and want to provide coaching and training for your team then using the skills and experience that Anoop brings will help to motivate your team.

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