Branding & Awareness

Branding is what I believe to be the most important segment of your business when factoring in the long-term aspirations for your company or services. Just as a person’s character and reputation is tarnished when they act in a way that is not favourable, similarly branding is character of you and your company which must be protected and nourished. At AW Manifest, we proud ourselves on supporting you to grow your brand and online presence using our experience and market intelligence.

How are we different?

There are so many different approaches to how branding should be done and approached, and all the information can become confusing or you may even stumble across information that is not applicable to you. That’s where our expert advice, guidance and support comes in. Here is an overview and general summary of how we help you become a reputable brand:

Stage 1 – Vision & Goals Overview

We spend time with you over the phone, zoom or face-to-face where we ask tailored questions that will provide us with a clear picture of you and your company

Stage 2 – Current Strategy Overview

We take a comprehensive look into your branding. Below are just some of the areas we look into:

  • Colours and Emotional Response
  • Fonts, Spelling & Grammar
  • Social Media Position
  • SEO Overview

Stage 3 – Advice for New Strategy

This is the stage where the magic happens. After the completion of Stage 1 & 2, we create a document that is much like a systemisation for your branding. This includes covering all areas that we feel both your time and money should be invested. We will guide you and if needed, take on the tasks that we recommend alongside a timeline which breakdown completion deadlines, required updates and expected results

Stage 4 – Growth for your Branding

Our clients are always 100% happy with our work and we are confident that you will be too. Stage 4 entails following our detailed yet simplified ‘Branding Plan.’ We must point out that commitment is incredibly important on your part, we will always guide and provide expert support but in this case, it most definitely “takes two to tango!”

We do make this simpler for you by providing cutting edge approaches and strategies that support increased productivity and organisation such as tailoring the Ivy Lee Method.

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