“Readers are Leaders”

At AW Manifest, we believe that reading is key to unlocking, inspiring and enlightening our journey through life. I myself believe that most of my successes and inspiration throughout my life came from reading and studying a diverse range of books. Whenever I travel (every 4 weeks on average), one of my favourite rituals is to always drop by WH Smith to buy a book or two. However, I do believe that there is an art involved in reading and some are adopted through individualistic trial and error, others can be adopted universally.

My Top Tips for Reading

  1. If you have a particular topic, industry or information that you are seeking knowledge on, rather than using YouTube videos, short book summaries etc research, find and purchase the actual book.
  2. Keep a notebook or pencil ready whilst you read, it is incredibly important to take notes as the minds ink is weaker than we think!
  3. Is the book you want expensive? Change your perspective and see it as an investment, an investment in yourself and your future. Let’s say a book cost you £25 and you took just one idea from it that either returns your investment with profit on top or it enhances your life positively in some way, now isn’t that £25 well spent?
  1. Make it a project – I have a thing for keeping my library in categories and when reading a particular book, I have special notebooks whereby the book and its knowledge becomes a new exciting project for me. This also helps you to build motivation and consistency in your reading and learning.
  2. Sharing is caring and more! If you read something that really helped with something or inspired you, make sure you share it with someone else. Why? Because you create a win/win scenario whereby someone else can potentially get inspired but even more importantly it helps to reframe and rewire the newly learnt knowledge in your brain!
  3. Sleep between 7-8 hours? Yes, I am not going mad, this is a top tip for your reading. Studies have shown that if you don’t sleep the very first night after learning, you loose the chance to consolidate those memories, even if you get ‘catch-up’ sleep

Power Quotes

Engage in Change by Anoop Watts

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